Tom O C Wilson is a London-based creator of colourful, exuberant pop music. His songs hit the sweet spot between melodic immediacy and surprise, creating an exhilarating sonic pleasure reminiscent of artists such as XTC, Joe Jackson and early Prefab Sprout. 

Tom’s debut album “Tell A Friend” (2017, Pickled Egg Records), combined the methodology of a classical composer with the sensibility of a pop songwriter, featuring meticulously scored songs brought to life by a collective of jazz and classical players. It was previewed in a series of high-profile gigs, including a session for BBC Radio 3 Exposed and a headline show at Cafe Oto in London, and was selected as an album of the year by the blogs Il Cartello, With a Messy Head and Beans on Bread. 

In 2020, Tom formed the band Render Ghosts, with the Dutch singer-songwriter Tamara Van Esch and the musique concrete composer Iain Chambers. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2021, and showcased a more electronic pop side to Tom’s writing, as well as giving him the chance to compose for a voice other than his own. 

Galvanised by this experience, Tom decided to continue working with other singers for his next solo project. Throughout 2024, Tom will release a series of singles produced in collaboration with guest vocalists, a chance to stretch himself as a composer and explore alternative musical personalities. The first single, “That Edge”, was released on May 24th and features the pop polymath MaJiKer on vocals.